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New Kitchen Floor: a little glimpse at what's happening around the Loscoe (Sr.) house. The old vinyl floor had to go (after more than 11 years). Too many nicks, gouges and dents. Hardwood didn't look quite right, so we went with the same tile that was in the entry way.

After a lot of hand-wringing and looking at alternatives, we made the plunge and decided on granite countertops. The old dimpled tile just wasn't cutting it anymore. Step one was demolition of the existing counters. Step two was templating the counter tops in preparation for cutting the granite slabs. Next was a trip to the fabrication shop to confer on the placement of the templates on the slabs, and finally the installation.

Most recently, we (i.e., Lynda) decided that the patio would look better in slate. Click on the Patio Project to see how it turned out.